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RETRO MGS3 by Sal.

Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake Play Arts Kai Action Figure
Is that Solid Snake? Solid Snake, the legendary hero of the wildly popular stealth action game Metal Gear Solid by Konami, comes to life in Play Arts Kai as this 10 1/4-inch tall Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake Play Arts Kai Action Figure! The figure comes fully equipped with the SOCOM handgun and FA-MAS rifle, along with a sling made of a softer material that enables Snake to carry his weapons on his shoulder. For realistic posing, Square Enix Products has designed this figure with the utmost care in making the articulation points as discrete as possible. Advanced articulation adds realism to the three-dimensionality, and detailed surface treatments were applied to add convincing texture.
Size: 10 1/4-inches tall

( via [pixiv] )

Michael Lau turned his hand to Metal Gear Solid. Wish I had the money to pick the figures up when they came out.
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