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ShirtPunch Design #1: 1,000 Needle Tequila - by josh.legendre557
On sale for 24 hours only for $10 from ShirtPunch

Rosa Spellcasting by ~likelikes

Cloudy with a chance of meteors. [This spawned from the night of the comet poster.]

Chocobo Un estudio rápido de un chocobo de Final Fantasy!aunque su diseño es basicamente un pollo gigante estas criaturas son lo maximo, espero les guste! 

Materia Girl by Ninjaink
USD$10 for 24 hours only
Need a break from boss battles? Tired of leveling up? Meteor approaching to destroy the Planet? Relax! Just indulge in a nice, soothing summon of Holy and all your worries will go away. Add a little bit of fantasy in your life and you’ll find that the world is a much, much better place!
Holy Materia: available anywhere flowers in Midgar are sold!
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